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april 10th 2006

John on Sirius Radio © Sirius 2006John's recent interview with Sirius Radio is now availabe as a free podcast from the Sirius Faction website.
Thanks to Heather Smith

april 6th 2006

John's interview with The Daily Mail (UK) will be published April 22nd, and featured in their Saturday Magazine.

march 31st 2006


Reading the transcript of John's recent interview with Sirius Radio reminded us of something that we saw written in the official ($29.95) 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum Guide Book'.

Here's what their book says:

July 1976
The Ramones perform at The Roundhouse in London. They are approached by future members of The Clash, Pretenders, Damned and Sex Pistols, and asked how to form a band.

'How to form a band?' Oh really? Here's the truth of the matter straight from the horses mouth:

"… the very night The Ramones were at this Roundhouse thing, I was actually playing a live gig at Sheffield, alright, the Sex Pistols were already up and at it mate, so it’s historically incorrect. It’s a lie."

On July 4th 1976 the Sex Pistols (and The Clash) played the Black Swan, Sheffield. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are blatantly re-writing history. How can the Sex Pistols have anything to do with lies like that? Of course, we know better, but thousands of visitors to that museum are being mislead. And it's just not good enough.


John and Keith Emerson: courtesy Keithemerson.comKeith Emerson's website has a couple of great pictures of Mr Rotten's and Mr Emerson's meeting of the minds last week at the Nordoff-Robbins Musical Therapy event in LA.

Check out Keith's site to find out why they were discussing their organs…

If you haven't done so already, you can read all about John's visit to the event HERE (or via our Rotten Talk link).

John's previously mentioned interview with The Daily Mail should be printed this weekend. If not this weekend, then next… More info ASAP.

march 28th 2006


CongradulationsIt seems 'congradulations' are in order. See Rotten Talk for the full story…


march 27th 2006


We've added a transcript of John's interview on SIRIUS Faction to our Press Archive section.
Thanks to Heather Smith

Indie 103.1 FM now have John's Jonesy's Jukebox interview available as a podcast. The 2 part podcast can be downloaded free at the Indie 103.1 website, or via iTunes.
You can also watch John's recent Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance online via Blueyonder / Devil Ducky.

march 24th 2006


On Wednesday, March 22nd, John and Rambo attended a charity launch for Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy in Los Angeles. Unbeknown to them The Pretenders were playing next door. And completely unbeknown to them, Steve Jones was to turn up and play the encore of 'Pretty Vacant' along with Chrissy and the band. An amazing coincidence that turned into a thoroughly entertaining night.

Mr Rotten tells the tale of his surprise visit, 'straight from the horses mouth' HERE (or via our Rotten Talk link). A tale that covers musical therapy, Emerson Lake and Palmer, moshing. Oh, and biscuits too...


march 21st 2006


San Diego 91X FM have now posted some audio clips of John's interview. Hear John in full-on Tasmanian Devil mode! Excellent stuff.

Tonight's interview on SIRIUS Faction will also be re-broadcast Wednesday, March 22nd at 4 am (Eastern Time). Remember you can listen to Faction online via their free 3 day trial.


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