Press Interviews 2018

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Nottingham Post, April 14th 2018 (external link)

The Courier, April 7th 2018 (external link)

Daily Echo, April 3rd 2018 (external link)

The Sun, April 2nd 2018 (external link)

XS, Manchester, March 26th 2018 (external audio)

BBC Radio Solent, March 23rd 2018 (external audio)

The Guardian, February 16th 2018 (external link)

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Press Interviews 2016

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PitchFork, December 15th 2016 (external link)

Drowned in Sound, November 16th 2016 (external link)

Music Week, November 9th 2016 (external link)

Birmingham Live, November 3rd 2016 Part 1 | Part 2 (external link)

Record Collector Magazine, November 2016 (external link)

i-D, November 1st 2016 (external link)

Shortlist, October 28th 2016 (external link)

Mojo Online, October 26th 2016 (external link)

Teamrock, October 24th 2016 (external link)

The Artdesk, October 22nd 2016 (external link)

Esquire, September 27th 2016 (external link)

The Big Issue, October 10th 2016 (external link)

Leicester Mercury, October 7th 2016 (external link)

Vice, September 19th 2016 (external link)

Humo Negro, July 25th 2016 (external link)

La Tercera, Chile July 10th 2016 (external link)

Inverness Courier, June 10th 2016 (external link)

Oxford Times, May 3rd 2016 (external link)

Sheffield Star, June 2nd 2016 (external link)

Lower Class Magazine, Germany, May 9th 2016 (external link), May 7th 2016 (external link)

Coventry Telegraph, May 5th 2016 (external link)

Metro, April 22nd 2016 (external link)

Lincolnshire Echo, April 13th 2016 (external link)

Milton Keynes Citizen, April 13th 2016 (external link)

Yorkshire Post, April 1st 2016 (external link)

Northern Life Magazine, March 31st 2016 (external link)

The Sunday Times, March 27th 2016 (external link) | Part 2

Huddersfield Examiner, March 26th 2016 (external link)

Lancashire Telegraph, March 26th 2016 (external link)

The Local, Germany, March 26th 2016 (external link)

SME Kultura, March 23rd 2016 (external link)

Q Magazine, March 21st 2016 (external link)

Sunderland Echo, March 19th 2016 (external link)

Frankfurter Rundschau, March 3rd 2016 (external link)

Chorley FM, March 2nd 2016 (external audio) | National libraries (external audio)

Dennik N, Slovakia, March 2nd 2016 (external link)

Derby Telegraph, March 1st 2016 (external link)

Kolekcjoner Muzyczny, Poland, February 12th 2016 (external link)

Playboy Germay, January 2016 (external link)

Blick, Switzerland, January 2016 (external link)

Mopo, Germany, January 30th 2016 (external link)

GQ Magazine, January 31st 2016 (external link)

Press Interviews 2015

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San Francisco Examiner, November 27th 2015 (external link)

CNBC TV, November 24th 2015 (external video)

SF Gate, November 21st 2015 (external link)

The Stranger, November 18th 2015 (external link)

Colarado Springs, November 18th 2015 (external link)

News Tribune, November 17th 2015 (external link)

Westword, November 17th 2015 (external link)

Beatroute, November 16th 2015 (external link)

Brooklyn Vegan, November 13th 2015 (external link)

Chicago Tribune, November 12th 2015 (external link)

Creative Loafing Tampa, November 6th 2015 (external link)

Tampa Tribune, November 5th 2015 (external link)

Pittsburgh City Paper, November 5th 2015 (external link)

Miami Herald, November 4th 2015 (external link)

Broward Palm Beach, November 3rd 2015 (external link)

Palm Beach, New Times, November 2nd 2015 (external link)

Illinois Entertainer, November 1st 2015 (external link)

New Orleans Advocate, October 29th 2015 (external link)

Flagpole, October 28th 2015 (external link)

Memphis, Commericial Appeal, October 27th 2015 (external link)

Magnet Magazine, October 27th 2015 (external link)

Sun Sentinel, October 27th 2015 (external link)

The Guardian, October 18th 2015 (external link)

NPR, World Cafe October 15th 2015 (external audio)

LoudWire, September 29th 2015 (external link)

Yahoo Music, September 23rd 2015 (external link)

Daily Star, September 23rd 2015 (external link)

The Sunday Times, September 20th 2015 (external link)

NME, September 18th 2015 (external link)

Manchester, Evening News, September 14th 2015 (external link)

Daily Record, September 11th 2015 (external link)

The Telegraph, September 10th 2015 (external link)

CNN, Amanpour, September 9th 2015 (external video)

Huffington Post, September 9th 2015 (external link)

Spin, September 9th 2015 (external link)

Alternative Nation, September 9th 2015 (external link)

Team Rock, September 9th 2015 (external link)

LA Times, September 8th 2015 (external link)

BBC London News, September 4th 2015 (external video)

OC Register, September 4th 2015 (external link)

Digital Trends, September 4th 2015 (external link)

Cleveland Scene, September 4th 2015 (external link)

Yahoo Music, September 3rd 2015 (external video)

Journal Metro, September 2nd 2015 (external link)

The Arts Desk, September 2nd 2015 (external link)

Salon, September 1st 2015 (external link)

The Big Issue, September 1st 2015 (external link)

Vanya Land, August 26th 2015 (external link)

Noisey, August 25th 2015 (external link)

Get Reading, August 24th 2015 (external link)

Music Radar, August 24th 2015 (external link)

Irish Examiner, August 20th 2015 (external link)

Belfast Telegraph, August 20th 2015 (external link)

LA Weekly, August 17th 2015 (external link)

Western Gazette, August 13th 2015 (external link)

Newcastle Chronicle, August 12th 2015 (external link)

The Guardian, Q&A, August 8th 2015 (external link)

Vice I-D, July 28th 2015 (external link)

AV Club, July 14th 2015 (external link)

Fox News, Greg Gutfeld Show, July 5th 2015 (external video)

The Express, July 5th 2015 (external link)

Rolling Stone, June 22nd 2015 (external link)

Quartz, May 25th 2015 (external link)

Medium Cuepoint, May 18th 2015 (external link)

Paste Magazine, May 13th 2015 (external link)

Rock Cellar Magazine, May 9th 2015 (external link)

Al Jazeera America, May 7th 2015 (external link)

Bedford & Bowery, May 4th 2015 (external video)

NPR Music, May 2nd 2015 (external audio)

Fox Business, Kennedy, May 1st 2015 (external video)

Fox News Radio, Alan Colmes Show, April 30th 2015 (external audio)

Sirius XM, OUTK, April 30th 2015 (external audio)

Esquire.Com, April 29th 2015 (external link)

Rolling Stone, April 29th 2015 (external link)

New York Daily News, April 19th 2015 (external link)

Daily Mail, February 22nd 2015 (external link)

BBC Radio 4, Saturday Live, January 3rd 2015 (external audio)


Press Interviews 2014

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NME, December 28th 2014 (external link)

New Statesman, December 22nd 2014 (external link)

Simon & Schuster Podcast, December 11th 2014 (external audio)

Sunday Mail, December 7th 2014 (external link)

The Telegraph, November 15th 2014 (external link & video)

Hot Press, November 11th 2014 (external link)

Absolute Radio, Ian Wright, November 1st 2014 (external audio)

The Guardian, October 31st 2014 (external link)

Irish Times, October 20th 2014 (external link)

RTE Radio 1, October 17th 2014 (external audio)

BBC1, This Week, October 16th 2014 (external link)

The Guardian Culture, October 15th 2014 (external video)

The Guardian, October 14th 2014 (webchat) (external link)

Native Monster, October 13th 2014 (external link)

The Independent, October 12th 2014 (external link)

Anger is an Enery: YouTube Playlist (updated October 19th)

Brighton Argus, October 10th 2014 (external link)

BBC 5 Live, October 10th 2014 (external video)

Channel 4 News, October 9th 2014 (external video)

BBC6 Music Radcliffe & Maconie, October 9th 2014 (external link)

BBC Breakfast News, October 9th 2014 (external video)

Radio 4 Today Show, October 9th 2014 (external video)

The Star, October 9th 2014 (external link)

The Independent, October 9th 2014 (external link)

Radio 2, Simon Mayo, October 8th 2014 (external video)

ITV, Loose Woman, October 8th 2014 (external video)

Radio 4, Today Show, October 8th 2014 (external video)

Channel 4 News, October 8th 2014 (preview) (external video)

Stroud News, October 8th 2014 (external link)

Sheffield Star, October 4th 2014 (external audio)


Press Interviews 2013

Follow links for interviews…

Clash Magazine, December 2nd 2013 (external link)

Daily Record, November 8th 2013 (external link)

Music Week, November 4th 2013 (external link)

BMI Q&A, October 25th 2013 (external link)

BMI Icon Award Speech (extended version) (external video)

BMI Awards, October 15th 2013 (external video)

Huffington Post, October 17th 2013 (external video)

The Scotsman, October 17th 2013 (external link)

C oventry Telegraph, October 17th 2013 (external link)

WorldCrunch, October 17th 2013 (external link)

CNN, October 15th 2013 (external link)

Rolling Stone, October 15th 2013 (external link)

Music Week, October 15th 2013 (external link)

The Telegraph, October 15th 2013 (external link)

Scotland on Sunday, October 15th 2013 (external link)

BMI, Q&A, October 12th 2013 (external link)

Liverpool Echo, October 11th 2013 (external link)

The Skinny, October 11th 2013 (external link)

Leeds, Evening Post, October 10th 2013 (external link)

Birmingham Mail, September 22nd 2013 (external link)

Vice China interview, March 2013 (external video)

Noisey, July 17th 2013 (external video), June 20th 2013 (external video)

The Guardian, June 30th 2013 part 1 (external video)
The Guardian, June 30th 2013 part 2 (external video)

Brighton, Argus, June 21st 2013 (external link)

Moscow Times, June 18th 2013 (external link)

Moscow, Press Conference, June 17th 2013 (full) (external video)

Hot Press, June 14th 2013 (external link), June 14th 2013 (external link)

Oxford Times, June 5th 2013 (external link)

Drowned in Sound, May 20th 2013 (part 2) (external link)

St Petersburg Times, June 4th 2013 (external link)

Drowned in Sound, May 20th 2013 (part 1) (external link)

Crane TV: China Calling, May 3rd 2013 (external video)

The Wall Street Journal, April 25th 2013 (external link)

Brisbane Times, April 9th 2013 (external audio)

2ser 107.3, April 8th 2013 (external audio)

The Music, April 8th 2013 (external link)

The Age, April 5th 2013 (external link)

M2 Tokyo Life, April 3rd 2013 (external link)

Pulse EZFM, China, March 27th 2013 (external video)
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

PBS, Junkyard March 18th 2013 – Part 2 (external audio)

Faster Louder, March 19th 2013 (external link)

ABC Melbourne, Breakfast with Red Symons, March 18th 2013 (external audio)

Smart Shanghai, March 14th 2013 (external link)

PBS, Junkyard March 18th 2013 – Part 1 (external audio)

Beijing Global Times, March 12th 2013 (external link)

Time Out, Shanghai, March 5th 2012 (external link)

Tokyo Weekender, March 5th 2013 (external link)

Inter FM, LHR, January 30th 2013 (external audio)


Press Interviews 2012

Follow links for interviews…

Sound Diego, November 3rd 2012 (external video)

Austin Chronicle, November 1st 2012 (external link)

88 Miles West, November 1st 2012 (external link)

Forth Worth Star, October 31st 2012 (external link)

Sound Spike, October 31st 2012 (external link)

San Antonio, Current, October 31st 2012 (external link)

NPR, October 30th 2012 (external video)

KUSI News, October 29th 2012 (external video)

NBC San Diego, October 29th 2012 (external link)

San Diego UT, October 28th 2012 (external link)

Fuse TV, October 25th 2012 Part 2 (external video)

Fuse TV, October 25th 2012 Part 1 (external video)

Guitar World, October 25th 2012 (external link)

AZ Central, October 25th 2012 (external link)

North County Times, October 25th 2012 (external link)

Dallas Observer, October 24th 2012 (external link)

San Francisco Examiner, October 24th 2012 (external link)

Reno, News Review, October 25th 2012 (external link)

Reno Gazzette, October 24th 2012 (external link)

The Curtent 89.3, October 22nd (radio session) (external link)

SF Gate, October 21st 2012 (external link)

Star Tribune, October 19th 2012 (external link)

Jam Showbiz, October 19th 2012 (external link)

Chicago Tribune, October 18th 2012 (external link)

Chicago Sun Times, October 18th 2012 (external link)

The Grid, October 17th 2012 (external link)

Toromto Sun, October 17th 2012 (external link)

Oakland Press, October 16th 2012 (external link)

Reuters, October 16th 2012 (external link)

Boston, Phoenix, October 12th (external link)

Current TV, John Fuselsang Show, October 12th 2012 (external video)

Cape Cod Online, October 12th 2012 (external link)

The Mercury, October 11th 2012 (external link)

Lowell Sun, October 11th 2012 (external link)

Reno News & Reviews, October 11th 2012 (external link)

The Phoenix, October 10th 2012 (external link)

Aquarian Weekly, October 10th 2012 (external link)

Sentimentalist, October 4th 2012 (external link)

Tampa Bay Times, October 4th 2012 (external link)

Sun Sentinel, October 4th 2012 (external link)

Tampa Tribune, October 4th 2012 (external link)

Miami.Com, October 4th 2012 (external link)

Diffuser FM, October 2nd 2012 (external link)

Reading Eagle, September 25th 2012 (external link)

Columbus Dispatch, September 18th 2012 (external link)

Sunderland Echo, September 14th 2012 (external link)

Pure Volume, September 14th 2012 (external link)

Houston Press, August 29th 2012 (external link)

Q Magazine, August 28th 2012 (external link)

SPIN, August 28th 2012 (external link)

World Cafe, August 14th 2012 (external link)

TVN, August 3rd 2012 (external video)

The Journal, July 31st 2012 (external link)

Amp Magazine, July 9th 2012 (external link)

NPR, World Cafe, June 28th 2012 (external link)

Irish Independent, June 26th 2012 (external link)

Birmingham Mail, June 22nd 2012 (external link)

The Australian, June 22nd 2012 (external link)

LA Record June 18th 2012 (external link)

Rolling Stone, June 14th 2012 (external link)

Agit Reader, June 13th 2012 (external link)

New Yorker, June 8th 2012 (external link)

Kent News, June 8th 2012 (external link)

Music Radar, June 7th 2012 (external link)

Spin, June 6th 2012 (external link)

Welwyn Hafield Times, June 5th 2012 (external link)

Ottawa Citizen, June 2nd 2012 (external link)

The Guardian, June 1st 2012 (external link)

LA Times, May 31st 2012 (external link)

AV Club, May 31st 2012 (external link)

Gibson, May 31st 2012 (external link)

Spinner, May 30th 2012 (external link)

LA Weekly, May 29th 2012 (external link)

Montreal Gazette, May 29th 2012 (external link)

eMusic, May 28th 2012 (takeover) (interview / selections)

NME.Com, May 25th 2012 (external link)

Reuters, May 25th 2012 (external link)

Exclaim, May 25th 2012 (external link)

Grammy.Com, May 24th 2012 (external link)

HitFix.Com, May 22nd 2012 (external link)

Loud and Clear Magazine, May 2012 (external link)

KCSN, ‘City of Night’, May 19th 2012 (external audio)

The Sun, May 18th 2012 (external link)

Studio 11, Fox LA, May 16th 2012 (external video)

Loveline, May 16th 2012 (external video)

Stool Pigeon, May 16th 2012 (external link)

The Listener, May 16th 2012 (external link)

Billboard.Com, May 3rd 2012 (external link)

Contact Music, April 30th 2012 (external link)

WOW Magazine, April 28th 2012 (external link) (PDF)

SeekerNews.Com, April 20th 2012 (external link)

NME.Com, April 18th 2012 (external video)

NME.Com, April 17th 2012 (external video)

OfficialCharts.Com, April 17th 2012 (external video)

GranvilleChambers, April 17th 2012 (external link)

The Quietus, March 22nd 2012 (external video)

London List, March 2012 (external link)

NME, February 14th 2012 (external link)

The Guardian, February 14th 2012 (external link)

BBC6 Music, February 14th 2012 (external link)

NME, January 4th, 2012 (external link)


Press Interviews 2011

Follow links for interviews…

NME, January 4th, 2012 (external link)

BBC 6 Music News, November 29th 2011 (external link)

NME, September 20th 2011 (album preview) Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

Clash Magazine, September 2011 (album preview) Page 1 | Page 2

Toronto.Com, September 14th 2011 (external link)

Red Carpet Diary, September 14th (external video)

BBC6 Music News, July 29th 2011 (external link)

BBC6 Music News, July 28th 2011 (external podcast)

Mail online, July 23rd 2011 (external link)

Mojo Honours, July 21st (external video)

NME, July 22nd 2011 (external link)

BBC News, July 22nd 2011 (external link)

NME, (Isle of Wight video) June 2011 (external video)

The Local, Sweden, June 21st 2011 (external link)

Copenhagen Post, June 16th 2011 (external link)

Daily Star, June 14th 2011 (external link)

Absolute Radio, June 12th 2011 (external audio)

BBC5 Live, Up All Night, June 11th 2011 (external audio)

BBC News, June 11th, 2011 (external audio)

Lancashire Evening Post, June 8th 2011 (external link)

Gaffa Magazine, June 3rd 2011 (external link)

The Star, June 4th, 2011 (external link)

The Star, June 3rd, 2011 (external link)

Coventry Telegraph, May 27th 2011 (external link)

Spinner (Q Magazine), May 25th 2011 (external link)

Lancashire Telegraph, May 20th 2011 (external link)

Preston Citizen, May 20th 2011 (external link)

Female First, May 10th 2011 (external link)

Dublin Herald, May 2nd 2011 (external link)

Toast Magazine, May 2nd 2011 (external link)

Verdans Gang, April 12th 2011 (external link)

Bang Showbiz, April 11th 2011 (external link)

Wales Online, April 3rd 2011 (external link)

It Came From Japan, March 25th 2011 (external podcast)

Daily Star, March 17th 2011 (external link)

Japan Times, March 4th 2011 (external link)

ITV, Daybreak, March 1st 2011 (external video)

BBC1, One Show, February 28th 2011 (external video)

XFM, PiL: Album X25 Special, February 27th 2011 (external audio)

Talksport, Sports Breakfast, February 26th 2011 (external audio)

Absolute Radio, Ian Wright’s Rock n Roll Football, February 26th 2011 (external video)

ITN News, February 25th 2011 (external video)

XFM, Drivetime with Ian Camfield, February 25th 2011 (external audio)

The Merto, Feburary 2nd 2011 (external link)

LA Times, January 28th 2011 (external link)
LA Times – Video 1 (external video)
LA Times – Video 2 (external video)

The Guardian, January 15th 2011 (external link)


Press Interviews 2010

Follow links for interviews…

The Guardian, January 6th 2011 (external link)

Stereogum, January 4th 2011 (external link)

Liberation Next, December 21st 2010 (external link), December 21st 2010 (external link)

BBC, World Service, Outlook, December 16th 2010 (external audio)

San Francisco Chronicle, December 12th 2010 (external link)

Spin Magazine, December 10th 2010 (external link)

WENN, November 30th, 2010 (external link)

The First Post, November 30th, 2010 (external link)

Contact Music, November 30th, 2010 (external link)

The Times, November 30th, 2010 (external link)

Daily Record, November 23rd, 2010 (external link)

BBC News Online, November 22nd 2010 (part 2) (external link)

BBC News Online, November 22nd 2010 (part 1) (external link)

BBC 6 Music, Huey Morgan, November 15th 2010 (external audio)

Ian Wright’s Rock n Roll Football, November 13th 2010 (external podcast), November 12th 2010 (external link)

Irish Independent, September 3rd 2010 (external link)

Irish Times, August 31st 2010 (external link)

Phantom 105.2 FM, Dublin (external podcast)

Mojo Magazine interview, July 2010 (external link)

Liverpool Daily Post, July 23rd 2010 (external link)

NME, July 21st 2010 (external video)

Bristol Evening Post, July 15th 2010 (external link)

The Guardian, July 17th 2010 (external link)

The Independent, July 17th 2010 (external link)

Daily Mirror, July 16th 2010 (external link)

Liverpool Echo, July 16th 2010 (external link)

Daily Star, July 14th 2010 (external link)

NME, July 14th 2010 (external link)

Yorkshire Evening Post, July 13th 2010 (external link)

BBC6 Music, July 12th 2010 (external audio)

Big Issue Scotland, July 8th 2010 (external link)

Absolute Radio, Christian O’Connell, July 8th 2010 (external podcast)

BBC1 Breakfast, July 7th 2010 (external video)

Sunday Mail, June 27th 2010 (external link)

ClashMagazine.Com, June 25th 2010 Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 (external link)

New York Press, May 18th 2010 (external link)

MetroMix, May 17th 2010 (external link)

Spinner, May 17th 2010 (external link)

New York Post, May 16th 2010 (external link)

Press of Atlantic City, May 14th 2010 (external link)

Philadelphia Inquirer, May 14th 2010 (external link)

Hartford Courant, May 13th 2010 (external link)

Pittsburgh City Paper, May 13th 2010 (external link)

Pittsburgh Post Gazette, May 13th 2010 (external link)

Filter Magazine, May 12th 2010 (external link)

Atlantic City Weekly, May 12th 2010 (external link)

NPR, All Songs Considered, May 11th 2010 (external link, online stream)

Washington City Paper, May 11th 2010 (external link)

Updated News, May 9th 2010 (external link)

Montreal Gazette, May 7th 2010 (external link)

Globe and Mail, May 7th 2010 (external link)

Vancouver Metro, May 7th 2010 (external link)

Hour, May 6th 2010 (external link)

Toronto Sun, May 6th 2010 (external link)

EyeWeekly.Com, May 5th 2010 (external link)

Boston Metro, May 4th 2010 (external link)

Projo.Com, May 4th 2010 (external link)

Goldmine, May 3rd 2010 (external link)

Boston Herald, May 3rd 2010 (external link)

Spinner, April 30th 2010 (external link)

Chicago Sun Times, April 30th 2010 (external link)

Milwaukee Express, April 28th 2010 (external link)

Ultimate Guitar, April 28th 2010 – Lu Edmonds (external link)

Newsweek, April 28th, 2010 / Part 2 (external link)

Self-Titled Magazine, April 27th 2010 (external link)

GO&DO, April 27th 2010 (external link)

Real Detroit Weekly, April 27th 2010 (external link)

The Metal File, April 26th 2010 (external audio / podcast)

Oakland Press, April 25th 2010 (external link)

Mlive, April 24th 2010 (external link)

Denver, WestWord, April 23rd 2010 (external link)

Salt Lake Tribune, April 22nd 2010 (external link)

Slug Magazine, April 2010 (external link)

Salt Lake City Weekly, April 22nd (external link)

Colorado Springs Independent, April 22nd 2010 (external link)

The Pitch, April 21st 2010 (external link)

The Stranger, April 13th 2010 (external link)

SF Examiner, April 15th 2010 (external link)

Shockhound.Com, April 14th 2010 (external link)

NC Times, April 14th 2010 (external link)

Orange County Register, April 13th 2010 (external link)

LiveDaily.Com, April 13th 2010 (external link)

SuicideGirls.Com, April 12th 2010 (external link)

Reuters, April 12th 2010 (external link)

InThisWeek.Com, April 12th 2010 (external link)

Red Eye, Fox News, April 8th 2010 (external video)

Jimmy Kimmel Live, April 7th 2010 (external video)

The A.V. Club, April 6th 2010 (external link)

Desert Sun, California, March 30th 2010 (external link)

Billboard.Com, March 12th 2010 (external link)


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