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The strictly limited edition 'Mr Rotten's Scrapbook' published in 2010 included – among many many other things –  previously unseen John Lydon paintings and artwork; along with handwritten commentary and quotes.

Each book was also personally hand-signed and doodled by John. This was the first time John had let any of his paintings be published in full. See Books for more info on 'Mr Rotten's Scrapbook'.

Mr Rotten's Scrapbook
Mr Rotten's Scrapbook
The Best of British £1 Notes (Standard Edition)   The Best of British £1 Notes (Special Edition)
'Best of British £1 Notes'
CD sleeve 2005
  'Best of British £1 Notes'
CD sleeve 2005 (special edition)
From a Photoshop painting featuring items of John's clothing. Click sleeve to view the complete artwork   Based on the original black and white painting. Click sleeve to view John's original black and white painting

"I took pictures of bits of my clothing then I spun them into the computer. I started painting them with the colour brushes, and mixed it up to that.

I love colours off the computer, I love them, the glow is so great. I swim in those colours…"


"Firstly I painted the black and white image, then filled the colours in, and put the clobber in. That picture is meant to represent the story of my life musically.

Actually, the whole thing originated from a picture board I had done with pictures of some of my clothes on it. There’s a picture of me in very early Pistols, staying all the way through PiL."

Death Disco FRONT   Death Disco BACK
'Death Disco'
7" sleeve 1979 (front)
  'Death Disco'
7" sleeve 1979 (back)
Pencil sketch. The 12" release also featured variations of the sketch   Pencil sketch. Same drawing but with finer detail, and hand-written lyrics
Paris… front sleeve   Cruel front sleeve
'Paris Au Printemps'
LP sleeve 1980
CD sleeve 1992
Self portrait water colour painting of PiL; circa 1980   An updated self portrait painting of PiL; circa 1992

From left to right: John Lydon, Jeannette Lee, Keith Levene


From left to right: Allan Dias, John Lydon, John Mcgeoch

Psycho's Path front sleeve   Psycho's Path inner sleeve
'Psycho's Path'
CD sleeve 1997 (front)
  'Psycho's Path'
CD sleeve 1997 (inner)
John designed all the artwork for the 'Psycho's Path' sleeve and booklet. The cover image is originally taken from a painting of a self portrait photograph; later retouched in Photoshop   This image from the inner sleeve of the CD booklet shows the original photograph John used for the 'Psycho's Path' artwork
"It comes from was an original water colour painting that I did of me. I drew me, and I made me look very pretty and very handsome. I got rid of all the wrinkles and spots. And then I put it in the computer and I just messed around with it…"
Sun front sleeve
CD & 12" sleeve 1997
Variation of 'Psycho's Path' art as used on 'Sun' sleeve. Again, originally taken from a sketch of a self portrait photograph; and later retouched in Photoshop (see above)
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