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May 6th 2016


Rest in peace Derek Connell. Rest in peace Derek Connell.

Plenty of EIE's in heaven with your brother Denton the bear.

You'll be sadly missed from Rambo and Rotten

Wembley 5 a-sides



March 15th 2016


The Queen is dead. God save the Queen.

RIP Queen Bodacia.
Laura and Rambo.

Deepest condolences from John, Scotty and PiL.



January 12th 2016



blankDecember 16th 2014


Thank you London. Great gig on Saturday. Thank you ALL for coming to see us and your tremendous support.

The working class of South London showed their appreciation for the working class of North London. And vice versa. Good time had by all.

Well done Mark, you did South proud. Truly an old fashioned quality night.

Thank you ALL
John and John


blankNovember 19th 2014


Rambo's 4 year old relative Charlie holds his own minute silence...


Rambo's young relative Charlie, a fellow Arsenal fan, set up his toy football players in two lines and held his own minute's silence in respect of Remembrance Day. He even told his Dad to "be quiet". As you'll see below he made the news. Respect Charlie. "Up the Arsenal!"

Rambo's 4 year old relative Charlie holds his own minute silence...
Listen to a RADIO interview with Charlie and his Dad via this link...

ITV News, November 10th 2014 ("Up the Arsenal!")


blankJuly 22nd 2013


Does this look familiar?


From BBC News, July 2013

From BBC News, July 2013

From John Lydon's Shark Attack, November 2004
(Channel 5 / Objective Productions)


John has decided to design his own shark repellant wetsuit...

"Everybody bobs in the ocean in black, and they all look like seals, and they all look like shark bait. Dumb move I would think. I want to look completely inedible. I've chosen black and yellow stripes, right, so I look like a killer bee, and it kinda reminds me of seasnakes, and nothing likes to eat them because they are poisonous. I want to look, bright, there, with it trendy, the full load. But inedible. What's up with that?"

John and John: Would you buy a wetsuit from these men?
"You understand what I meant by I hope not to attract sharks,
but to actually repulse them"
Watch more John Lydon Shark Attack videos via this link...





blankApril 13th 2013


Again, for the avoidance of doubt.

"I'm not happy about the boo boo parties... Her politics were really dreadful and derisive and caused a great many issues for me when I was young, for all of us trying to go through that. But that don't mean I am gonna dance on her grave. When someone dies give them respect, enemy or not. I was her enemy in her life but I will not be her enemy in her death."
- John Rotten


blankApril 11th 2013


For the avoidance of doubt.

"I am the enemies of governments and institutions, certainly not women. I've been married to one for 30 years. We love each other."
- John Rotten, April 10th 2013


blankMarch 25th 2013

"Hello, me old China". In preparation for the Public Image Ltd March 2013 dates in Beijing and Shanghai John Lydon gives a special message to PiL fans in China.

John Lydon - "Hello, me old China"
a message for China

View all China 2013 interview blogs via our PiL YouTube playlist...

blankNovember 6th 2012


In part 6 of his PiL Official video blog John talks about the many origins of Lollipop Opera from This is PiL. Mr Obama even gets a mention...

John Lydon Lollipop Blog Part 6: Lollipop Opera
View the blog via the PiL Official YouTube page...

blankOctober 8th 2012


In part 5 of his PiL Official video blog John talks about Out of the Woods from This is PiL. A song inspired by Stonewall Jackson and the Battle of Chancellorsville.

John Lydon Lollipop Blog Part 5: Out of the Woods
View the blog via the PiL Official YouTube page...

blankSeptember 4th 2012


Part 4 of John's Lollipop Blog is now online at our YouTube Channel. John talks about the 'Room I Am In' from This is PiL, and religion and mortality...

John Lydon Lollipop Blog Part 4: The Room I Am In
View the blog via the PiL Official YouTube page...

blankJuly 31st 2012


John Lydon Lollipop Blog- Part 3

View the blog via the PiL Official YouTube page...

blankJuly 4th 2012


Lollipop Blog - Part 2 In part 2 of his PiL Official video blog (the Lollipop Blog!) John talks about the Occupy Wall Street movement and the sad death of Donna Summer. More soon...

View the blog via the PiL Official YouTube page...

blankJune 11th 2012


Lollipop Blog - Part 1! Today sees the start of a regular video blog which John has recorded specially for PiL Official (The Lollipop Blog!). In part 1 John talks about the recording of 'This Is PiL' and his inspiration for the stunning artwork for the album which he painted and designed throughout.

John Lydon Lollipop Blog Part 1: This is PiL Artwork
View the blog via the PiL Official YouTube page...

blankApril 17th 2012


"I would like to very strongly distance myself from the recent stories and campaign to push God Save The Queen for the number 1 spot over the Jubilee weekend. It is certainly not my personal plan or aim.

I am proud of what The Sex Pistols achieved and always will be but this campaign totally undermines what The Sex Pistols stood for. This is not my campaign.

I am pleased that the The Sex Pistols recordings are being put out there for a new generation however I wish for no part in the circus that is being built up around it. I am currently very focused on Public Image Ltd."

John Lydon, April 17th 2012


blankJanuary 1st 2012


Happy New Year from John and John...

John Lydon & John Rambo Stevens © Roman Cerny Colours of Ostrava, 2011
Click image for larger version...
John Lydon & John Rambo Stevens © Roman Cerny Colours of Ostrava, 2011


blankDecember 25th 2011


Merry Christmas from John and John...

John Lydon & John Rambo Stevens © Roman Cerny Colours of Ostrava, 2011
Click image for larger version...
John Lydon & John Rambo Stevens © Roman Cerny Colours of Ostrava, 2011


blankJune 21st 2011


John trades folk songs with the president of Iceland! In Denmark...


Hello my name is Johnny Rotten. 2 days ago at the hotel in Copenhagen I had the rare extreme delight of meeting the president of Iceland, who promptly asked me to sing a song for her. I did. I chose an old Gaelic traditional favourite. At which point her, and her entire ambassadorial core, stood up applauded me and sang to me in Icelandic! A good time was had by all. It was the most wonderful evening. A great way to spend an evening in Denmark with Icelandic folk. Thank you.

The gig the following night was an amazing event, as indeed every gig on this tour so far has been. The crowd were absolutely dedicated to enjoying themselves and understanding that PiL is not just music it transcends music. Young to old people, all ages, all types, all creeds, all colours catered for. Thank you.

John Lydon, Public Image Ltd, June 21st 2011


blankFebruary 28th 2011


Win Loose or Draw. Proper Arsenal.


John and Rambo at the Arsenal v Birmingham League Cup Final, Sunday, February 27th. © Getty Images / Courtesy Daily Mail

John and Rambo at the Arsenal v Birmingham League Cup Final, Sunday, February 27th. © Getty Images / Courtesy Daily Mail
Japanese Red Cross Society

blankFebruary 11th 2011


Egypt we support you - Anger is an Energy


Egypt. Passive resistance proved positive. Egypt we support you. Anger is an energy.

John Lydon - The Horses Mouth
February 11th 2011


blankJanuary 31st 2011


River Rescue!


River O'Mahoney Hagg - cameraman, photographer, and loyal friend of John Lydon and John Rambo - recently posted the following story on his Facebook page.

John and John would like to share it with everyone. While River was surfing the notorious Mavericks in California he helped save the life of surfer Jacob Trette.

Jacob is now doing well thanks to River and some like-minded heroes. Proper Respect. Long may you survive Jacob - John and John are very pleased that you're making a speedy recovery you'll be back on the waves before you know it.


From River - This is from last Saturday (22nd)

Mavericks today. I had a solid two wave hold down. When I came up I was pushed towards the rocks grabbed what was left 3' of my 9'6 surfboard I made it around the north side of the cliffs barley, People on the bluff were hollering at me trying to help guide me past the killer rocks. Shortly after I got to the beach a jet ski zoomed up onto the sand (WAY TO DRIVE BRA!!!!!) It dropped off a dead guy with three guys trying to manhandle him up the beach, I ran over to check for vital signs, he was unresponsive with little or no pulse a blue tint and not breathing. A few chest compressions were done but not getting the water out of the airway on his back. Me and several others got him onto his side and vigorously rubbed and pounded his back and chest a lady was pushing up on his stomach to help expel water. He started to breath one gasp at a time, he had blood and salt water coming out of his mouth and nose. It was a deep snoring so we knew there was a lot of water in his lungs. We elevated his feet and 3 of us held him up off the sand at a incline until EMS arrived. His eyes were rolled back and there was no cognitive reaction. From how long it took me to get into the beach from the set wave was over 8 minuets easy. Probably more like 10 to 15 before he started breathing again. The guys who got him out of the water are heros for sure!! All the fukrs who stood by and took pictures instead of helping should be ashamed of there coward punk ass selves. 2 times or 200, Jacob needs our prayers if you gottem cuz when he left in the helicopter it was not looking good. "I pray bra you Jacob and your family are ably to come through this to learn what you needed to and teach what you needed to. We tried our best we all hope it was enough.

Ok this is a article that was written about it

here is his up date

Here is a link that describes how mavericks breaks

River O'Mahoney Hagg

PS: Update on Jacob is he is out of the hospital and expected to make a 100% recovery. Crazy man life flight gave him less that 2% chance to live!


blankOctober 20th 2010


Arianna RIP


John and Nora have asked us to let everyone know that Nora's daughter Arianna (aka Ari-Up) died today (Wednesday, October 20th) after a serious illness. She will be sadly missed.

Everyone at and PiLofficial.Com would like to pass on their heartfelt condolences to John , Nora and family.

Rest in Peace.


blankseptember 25th 2010


John and John meet Cpl Arnhem!


John and John meet Sgt Slingsby © pic courtesy Sgt Slingsby © DemiLion 2010 - holidays4heroesWhile in London last month for the PiL tour John Lydon and John Rambo Stevens bumped into Cpl Arnhem the fund raising Teddy Bear who raises awareness and funds for wounded service men and woman around the world.

See the Sgt Slingsby website for more pix and info...

Cpl Arnhem: I was in the Grenadier pub, in Knightsbridge, which is like a Museum ... well worth visiting if you're in the area. I had a glass of warm honey <giggle> and then met the Man himself ... John Lydon, aka "Johnny Rotten", and his manager, the former Para Johnny "Rambo" Stevens. What amazing chaps and even more amazing haircuts (never had them in my day)!!  Both John Lydon and John Rambo are keen to support Hols4Heroes.

[pic © DemiLion 2010 - holidays4heroes]


blankmay 22nd 2010


Rita Murphy RiP

Heart goes out to Scotty Murphy

Whose Mum Sadly passed away on Friday, May 21st.



blankmay 19th 2010


Cat Ballou - Clan Rambo


Cat Ballou - Clan Rambo

(backstage at Jimmy Fallon Show) (click for larger version)

blankmay 8th 2010


My body and mind is the Sex Pistols but my heart and soul is P.I.L.

Montreal has been one of the most uplifting experiences of my life.

This was bar none the best PiL concert ever.

Thank you Scotty for making this possible.

John Lydon, Public Image Ltd, May 8th 2010

See the PiLOfficial.Com Tour Reports page for MORE quotes from the PiL tour...

blankmay 5th 2010


Last night was a very uproarious event, a fantastic gig in Boston. And backstage I was joined by Senator Robert Hedlund – he's the State senator of Massachusetts – and Kevin G. Honan – he's the State Representative for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

We had a rather long in-depth conversation about child molestation AND the Catholic Church. A joyous evening was had by all - with prospects of good conclusions on the Pope. Thank you.

And, boy howdy, those lads can drink.

John Lydon, Public Image Ltd, May 5th 2010

See the PiLOfficial.Com Tour Reports page for MORE quotes from the PiL tour...

blankapril 8th 2010


Malcolm McLaren RIP

"For me Malc was always entertaining, and I hope you remember that. Above all else he was an entertainer and i will miss him, and so should you"

Johnny Rotten


blankjanuary 25th 2010


Mark of Respect!

Claude and John, Leeds, December 16th 2009 © Claude

JohnLydon.Com reader Claude showing off his tattoo of John to the man himself after the PiL show at Leeds, 02 Academy, December 16th 2009. John duly the signed the tattoo as a mark of respect.


blankjanuary 15th 2010


At the after, after, after party!


John and John celebrating after the last gig of the tour with Dave LeRouge, DJ at the London gigs (hands in the air) and the rest of the boys. A jolly good time had by all, still partying the following day.

Click for image for larger version...


blankaugust 20th 2009


JohnLydon.Com passes their deepest heartfelt condolences to Laura and Rambo.

Gi Gi
14.2.96 - 20.8.09
The bravest, hardest, toughest, loveable little dog in the world.

Gi Gi Forever

Laura and Rambo would like to thank all the wonderful staff at:
The Jonesboro Family Pet Hospital, Arkansas: Dr Jim Guntharp, Julie and staff.
In Memphis Tennessee, Med Vet: Dr’s Lorin Hillman, Todd Tobias and staff.
In Baton Rogue, Louisiana State University: Dr Tracey Gieger and staff.

Gi Gi


blankapril 29th 2009


It's Hatton time again.

Mr Rotten and Rambo would like to wish Ricky Hatton 'Best of British' for his fight with Manny Pacquiao in Vegas on Saturday.

Good Luck and God Bless.
John Rotten
John Rambo


blanknovember 23rd 2008


Congradulations Ricky Hatton

Mr Rotten and Rambo would like to say congradulations to Ricky Hatton. We won't mention the Arsenal. Have a Guinness on us, whoops we mean shandy.

God bless and all the best…
John Rotten
John Rambo


blanknovember 20th 2008


Good luck Ricky Hatton

Mr Rotten and Rambo would like to wish Ricky Hatton all the best for his fight with Paulie Malignaggi in Vegas on Saturday.

Good Luck and God Bless. Up the Arsenal!
John Rotten
John Rambo


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