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february 24th 2006


Official announcement from the Sex Pistols regarding the Rock n Roll Hall of FameThe Sex Pistols have just released an official announcement regarding the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…

Click HERE to read the official statement

Click here to download 300 dpi high resolution file of the statement (544kb)


december 16th 2005


Johnny Rotten has announced that Glen Matlock is set to play him in the film of his book Rotten No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs.


september 23rd 2005


Rotten Trick? Really?


You may have seen this little bit of so-called news in the papers or floating around the internet. Well, as usual everything is not as it seems. It’s obviously best to be careful of The Beeb baring gifts. Why give someone an unexpected present then claim they demanded it? Stinks of a petty set up to me, what an utterly pointless “Rotten Trick”.


Rotten Trick…

LIFETIME Arsenal fan John Lydon insisted BBC staff buy him a Gunners shirt before giving an interview.

The Sex Pistol’s Johnny Rotten, 49, had already agreed a fee to appear on the Beeb’s documentary Forty Years of F*** – charting the history of swearing on TV.

A BBC source said: "John was delighted with the shirt but he nearly left it under a table."

Lydon was once banned from Highbury – he thinks for being drunk or disorderly.


And what exactly are they trying to say? John should be grateful to be paid at all? I didn’t realise the BBC was a charity. And really, c’mon… it would take more than a silly BBC fee and an Arsenal shirt to corrupt John Lydon.

On the subject of Arsenal… John was never banned from Highbury for being 'drunk and disorderly'.


august 28th 2005


John was more than willing to appear on a popular Irish TV show but it soon descended into the late, late, hurry up and wait show. He completely changed his plans to suit, but let it be the rabbit the Paddies wouldn’t back it. So much for your famous Irish hospitality? Thanks for denying the people of Ireland an honest conversation…

Quote from Johnny Rotten: funny, bunny, but it wasn’t even for the money.


august 26th 2005


On recent reports of an altercation between John and Jimmy Pursey… let it be the rabbit that John Lydon can still have it!

Sham: Pretence; thing that is not genuine. – a pretended; not genuine – v (shammed) pretend; pretend to be.


june 21st 2005



If they're gonna lie about the bands that are playing, how do we know the money is going where they say it is…


august 19th 2004


Hot from Phoenix… John is discovering the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, "and frankly he was right about the expense". The Lizards love him, Alfani shorts are all the rage, and he's found a novel use for haemorrhoid cream, on his face… Stay tuned.


august 16th 2004


"Isn't nature such a wonderful thing, spreading all over the world…"

Goes ApeAs you know, by geography Mr Rotten is not a stranger, and at the moment he's circling the globe getting up front and personal with sharks, gorillas, monkeys, chimps and megga-bugs. He reports that the only thing left for him now is to wrestle with some pussies…

On his latest global adventures he's survived marsupial mouth parts, tree limbs falling on his head, and narrowly avoided 'Hurricane Charley'. He's been bitten by anything and everything that fly's, crawls, or runs, and although a Mosquito has left him in need of an ear trumpet, he's very 'appy. And that's 'appyness, not apennis…

The latest news from the tree-phone is that last week in Louisiana he spent half an hour in a tank filled with many thousand insects and had glorious fun! Today he watched some fly's having sex in an Orange Grove in Florida, and he's just fresh back from the Rambo's Hair Salon where's he received an exciting new hairdo, secretly based on information from Tropical fish, "I'm surprised it hasn't caught on before…"

Megabugs - RoachesWhy's he doing all this?

Well, John and John haven't been leaching off anyone, stay tuned for TV like you've never seen before, except if you saw Rotten TV. Serious content over many continents, with no incontinence…

Stay tuned to your TV, Channel 5 can lead to a big Discovery…


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