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John Lydon's Megabugs

Sunday's on Discovery at 17.00


december 5th 2004


John Lydon's Megabugs - Leeches
today, Sunday 5th at 17.00
(repeated Thursday at 20.30)

"Obnoxious, repulsive and fascinating…" no, not John! Mr Rotten travels to Louisiana in search of leaches, the worlds biggest bloodsuckers - apart from the lawyers… He improves his frog handling skills, gets a war wound and watches as a hospital patient gets his nose sucked. 300 hundred teeth, 3 jaws, but perfectly harmless.



We've just added some new desktop pattern's to the Multi-Media pages, there are 3 to choose from, Megabugs, Shark Attack & Goes Ape

The more sharp eyed amongst you will also have noticed we recently added the promo videos of 'Sun', 'World Destruction' & 'Open Up' to the Multi-Media Video Clips page. All files are Real Player files which are streamed live and can be viewed through the FREE Real One Player, available for download from the Real Player site. More video clips will follow soon…


november 28th 2004


John Lydon's Megabugs - Bees
Today, Sunday 28th at 17.00
(repeated Thursday at 20.30)

Probably one of the most important and misunderstood creatures on the planet - along with Mr Rotten - there's more to Bees than honey, but that doesn't mean there is anything to be scared of, is there?
It's not quite the "bird's and the bees" but this week's quest see's John artificially inseminate a Queen Bee (without the exploding genitals), and then go in search of Killer Bees, all in the name of serving the community…


november 21st 2004


John Lydon's Megabugs - Scorpions
Today, Sunday 21st at 17.00
(repeated Thursday at 20.30)

They don't come much more deadly than the scorpion, but do they deserve their rotten reputation? John goes back to school, only to find it's a scorpion housing estate by night. With the aid of a trusty scouser he goes about rehousing them back to the desert. It isn't the stars you need to watch in the desert, it's your feet. Not a subject to make light of, unless you've got the glo-sticks…


november 13th 2004


John Lydon's Megabugs - Mosquitoes
Tomorrow, Sunday 14th at 17.00
(repeated Thursday at 20.30)

They weren't exactly his favourite insect, but this week sees John investigate Mosquitoes, believe it or not, the most dangerous animal on the planet. Watch and listen as he gets locked in tanks filled with many thousand of the creatures to get "blotched, bitten and buggered" all in the name of Discovery… Will it all end in Chemical Warfare?


A transcript of John's interview in this week's Radio Times is now available in the interviews section. Quote of the Week? "The internet to me is a very destructive thing. It's not the information highway. It's the disinformation highway…"

John's shows have gone down a storm, yet again he's proven he's more than capable of handling a new situation, his way. I've never known him to get such good reviews! The world has gone mad, or maybe, they've just gone sane… It looks like it's the dawn of a new Rotten era, the army of one is getting bigger…

John Lydon's Shark Attack
Channel 5, Wednesday, November 3rd, 20.00

John Lydon's Megabugs
Discovery, starts Sunday, November 7th, 17.00

John Lydon Goes Ape
Channel 5, Wednesday, November 10th, 20.00

"Serious content over many continents, with no incontinence…"

november 10th 2004


Goes ApeJohn Lydon Goes Ape tonight, Wednesday, November 10th, at 20.00, Channel Five. It's more than monkey business. Save the Go-ril-az…!

Apologies to everyone outside the UK. Why not email Five yourselves and demand it's shown elsewhere…[email protected]



If you missed Megabugs on Sunday there is a chance to see the repeat tomorrow Thursday, 10th, at 20.30 (same time every week). There is also Discovery + 1, a bonus channel that transmits the full day's schedule an hour later than billed, every day. So if you miss it on Sunday at 17.00, you can see it at 18.00 (etc etc). See your TV guide for further info.

Discovery will be a having special Megabugs Day on Monday 3rd January 2005 at 14.00.


John is interviewed in this week's Radio Times Magazine about Megabugs. They stopped short of giving him the front cover (scardey cats), but he is the lead main interview… A full transcript of John's recent interview with the Sunday Express Magazine is now available in the interviews section (Radio Times will follow soon). There should also be a new interview in The Sun sometime soon…


He got his wish, he went splish, he went splosh…

By popular demand we've added images of John under the Blue Water with the sharkies! See Picture Gallery 6…


november 6th 2004


You know it's safe to go in the water, but now it's time for some Spiders!

John Lydon's Megabugs starts tomorrow, Sunday 7th at 17.00 on Discovery (UK). In his search for America's scariest and hairiest spiders, John finds himself face to face with the Brown Recluse, America's most venomous spider.


The weekend TV press are again running features and previews for Megabugs & John Lydon  Goes Ape, including a decent feature in the Sun's TV Magazine, the Radio Times also votes Megabugs it's Family Choice for Sunday.

november 4th 2004


Due to overwhelming demand we have enquired if Five have any plans to show Shark Attack & Goes Ape outside the UK. Unfortunately at the moment no decision has been reached. However, we will keep you informed… On a brighter note there have been tentative discussions over a possible DVD release of both shows. We must stress though that it is still very early, and nothing has been decided…

John Lydon's Megabugs will be shown outside the UK in the near future. Discovery regions in Canada, Africa, France, Italy and the Middle East have picked up the show, with hopefully more to follow. Again, stay tuned…


Shark Attack has been picking up favourable reviews all over the place, and there is also this interesting interview with the show's producer Debbie Young in The Times Online


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