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John Lydon's Megabugs

Discovery Channel


click image for more info…

If you live outside the UK and want to see Megabugs we recommend you contact Discovery.Com and demand your local region show it…


march 21st 2005


John Lydon's Megabugs Day
Saturday March 26th 11.00-16.00

If you missed it the first time Discovery (UK) are having another Megabugs Day this Saturday, March 26th, where they will be showing all 10 shows back to back…


january 28th 2005


The BBC Sex Pistols documentary 'Blood on the Turntable', which was previously shown on BBC3, gets its UK terrestrial debut on BBC2 this Sunday, 30th January at 22:30. The doc features an extensive interview with John Lydon, along with some other interested parties…

"Their records were quite unacceptable for the average person. They didn't behave, they didn't accept the common rules of decency, so it was important to take out the poison…" - Sir John Read, EMI Chairman


From now on the Forum will be used as a "Dear Johnny" Message Board. See the Forum page for full info… The board will also be used for FAQ and Admin Updates that are not strictly worthy of being featured on the News page (just like this one).

december 31st 2004


and a Rotten New Year… ?


John Lydon's Megabugs - Ants
Sunday Jan 2nd at 17.00
Please note this episode is NOT repeated on Thursday


John Lydon's Megabugs Day
Monday Jan 3rd 14.00-19.00

To conclude the series Discovery will be having a Megabugs Day this Monday, January 3rd, where they will be showing all 10 shows back to back, including the last episode…


december 24th 2004


Have a Rotten Xmas…


John Lydon's Megabugs - Fly's
Sunday 26th at 17.00
(repeated Thursday at 20.30)

The Housefly - or should that be Poo-fly - do they deserve their place on the planet? Of course they do, just not in your sandwich. The Fly pollinates more than the Bee, but since Bee's give us honey and Fly's tend to vomit on our food and wipe their shit on us, we don't have the same affection for them, funny that…
With the aid of Dr Watson John also learns that Fly's are helping the FBI solve crime, and visits a hospital where Maggots are stopping the rot for the infected. Perfect Tea-Time viewing!


Viewers might be surprised to see that John doesn't feature in Sunday's '100 Greatest TV Treats of 2004' on Channel 4, but we're not… Maybe he might turn up somewhere else…

december 18th 2004


John Lydon's Megabugs - Cockroaches
tomorrow, Sunday 19th at 17.00
(repeated Thursday at 20.30)

John goes undercover in search of cock-o-roaches and finds they are every-a-where; sewers, deserts, houses, and (sort of) maybe the moon…
Cockroaches are 300 million years old, the ultimate survivor. Despite the fact they can become a nuisance to humans, they are a megabug to be respected and not feared. Their constant evolution has taught them to be adaptable to a wide variety of situations, and surely that's something we can only learn from…

Megabugs - Roaches


We've now added some great clips of Rotten TV to the Multi-Media Video page. More recent video clips will follow soon…

All files are Real Player files which are streamed live and can be viewed through the FREE Real One Player, available for download from the Real Player site.


Due to technical problems outwith our control the Forum will be closed for the forseeable future. It will return sometime in the new year.

december 11th 2004


John Lydon's Megabugs - Termites
tomorrow, Sunday 12th at 17.00
(repeated Thursday at 20.30)

The army of one versus the army of millions… The termite performs a vital job in nature, but is also the most destructive insect on the planet. In pursuit of what makes them tick, or should that be headbang, John gets to grips with some dead wood, not to mention some cow poo. Despite the carnage they can cause to manmade structures, we learn termites are a fascinating mix of good and chaos, just like someone else we know…

 Megabugs - termitesMegabugs - termites

Apologies if you experienced some downtime with the site this week, this was due to a server problem, and should not happen again. However, the Forum, will remain closed for the time being while a technical fault is repaired. This hopefully should not take more than a week…

december 5th 2004


John Lydon's Megabugs - Leeches
today, Sunday 5th at 17.00
(repeated Thursday at 20.30)

"Obnoxious, repulsive and fascinating…" no, not John! Mr Rotten travels to Louisiana in search of leaches, the worlds biggest bloodsuckers - apart from the lawyers… He improves his frog handling skills, gets a war wound and watches as a hospital patient gets his nose sucked. 300 hundred teeth, 3 jaws, but perfectly harmless.



We've just added some new desktop pattern's to the Multi-Media pages, there are 3 to choose from, Megabugs, Shark Attack & Goes Ape

The more sharp eyed amongst you will also have noticed we recently added the promo videos of 'Sun', 'World Destruction' & 'Open Up' to the Multi-Media Video Clips page.

All files are Real Player files which are streamed live and can be viewed through the FREE Real One Player, available for download from the Real Player site. More video clips will follow soon…


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