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july 6th 2007


newsMr Rotten &  Bif Naked © courtesy Bodog / Fuse TV'Bodog: Battle of the Bands' sneak preview airs this Sunday, July 8th at 10pm EST / 7pm PST on Fuse TV.

The 10 part series then premiers Wednesday, July 11th, 10pm EST / 7pm PST. See Fuse TV for full listings. Watch the preview clip via the Bodog TV website.

Mr Rotten talks at length about 'Battle of The Bands' in our new JL.Com interview: "I’m fully into making them grasp the fun they can have out of life if they get this right. I’m not up there as a judgemental prat, that isn’t my way. I’ll judge them later when it comes to what record will I go out and buy…"

Read the full interview here…

newsJohn has an entertaining interview in the current – 10th Anniversary – issue of Uncut magazine. Congradulations.

july 2nd 2007


newsRolling Stone: issue 1028 © Jill GreenbergNever Trust a Laptop
New John Lydon interview

All the latest direct from the horses mouth:

• Rolling Stone: Never Trust a Hippie with a laptop
• Bodog Battle of the Bands: The Revolution Will Be Televised!
• Plus, much more…


june 25th 2007


newsA radio version of '7 Ages Of Rock' begins today, Monday, June 25th, on BBC 6 Music. The series promises to feature interview material not included in the TV broadcasts. Wednesday's show will feature John. Lets hope there is not the same New York bias as the TV series… Cheese and chalk.

You can listen live online via the 6 Music website; where the show will also be archived. '7 Ages Of Rock': Wednesday, June 27th, 9:30pm (GMT).

newsJohn Lydon Goes ApeJohnLydon.Com is delighted to bring you video clips from 'John Lydon Goes Ape'. 3 highly entertaining snippets are now available via our Multi-Media section. 'John Lydon's Shark Attack' also coming soon…
Big thanks to Debbie Colindale

june 15th 2007


newsBodog Battle of the Bands © courtesy BodogBodog Battle of the Bands sneak preview premiers on Fuse TV, Sunday, July 8th at 7pm PST / 10pm EST.

Watch the preview clip on the Bodog TV website. "The revolution will be televised!"

newsLook out for John in this weekend's Sunday Mirror (UK). Update: You can now read the full article via the Sunday Mirror website…

june 12th 2007


newsDespite what was reported in The Daily Mirror Friday, June 8th, John Lydon is not about to release a "reggae" album. Talking about his musical influences the previous day on Ian Wright's Talksport radio show John commented: “I love reggae to death but that don’t mean I’m gonna pump out endless white-boy reggae beats. It would sound a bit hokey dokey wouldn’t it…”


newsIf you missed John’s interview with Ian Wright last Thursday you’ll be pleased to hear we are working with Talksport to bring you some clips. But yes. When asked. John did mention the possibility of some Sex Pistols shows at Xmas

Update: You can now listen to the WHOLE of John's interview with Wrighty via the Talksport website!
Thanks to Steve Morgan

newsYou won't see any mention on the front cover – and it is over a year too late (see News March 11th 2006) – but you'll find a 2006 interview with John in current issue of Rolling Stone magazine. What a load of Bollocks

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