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blanknovember 15th 2007


newsJohnLydon.Com has taken a break from our vacation to update the main site. We've added the recent posts from our JL.Com: Holiday in the Sun update page; along with some new bits and bobs, but no 2 bobs…

news Brixton, Saturday, November 10th 2007 © Sex Pistols Residuals 2007We hope you enjoyed Brixton as much as we did. From Thursday's Lord of The Manor right through to Wednesday's Roadrunner twice. No two nights were the same. Baghdad to the White Cliffs of Dover; via sunny Southend. This is the Sex Pistols.

And it's not over yet. It's time to take the High Road to see our friends in the North. Enjoy. We will.

Manchester, MEN: Saturday November 17th
Glasgow, SECC: Sunday, November 18th

newsNever mind the mobile phones. Parts of the Brixton gigs were filmed by Julien Temple's Nitrate Films for an official Sex Pistols DVD release.
newsJohn answers readers questions in the current (December) issue of Uncut Magazine.

blanknovember 13th 2007

(originally posted on our JL.Com 'Holidays' update page)

Honkey Donk Vacation

The Honkey Donkey is still having a blast. And he's not finished yet.

One more London, and then it's time for his Northern vacation.

It's ALL good, and you know you should.

PS: Stand down, there was no 2 bob...


blanknovember 10th 2007

(originally posted on our JL.Com 'Holidays' update page)

Brixton is a Blast

Having a lovely time. Hope you are here.

Thursday was a blast, Friday was even better. And there's still more to come.

No 2 bobs.


blanknovember 9th 2007

(originally posted on our JL.Com 'Holidays' update page)

Press Updates: Friday

Footage from the Pistols storming return show on Thursday, will be featured on Sky News at approx 10.20am (GMT) on Saturday morning (November 10th); and repeated throughout the day.

The Telegraph interviewed John on Tuesday during Pistols rehearsals. The interview can be read online via this link

Mr Rotten took the press on and won (of course) at Wednesday's 'Guitar Hero III' UK press conference in London. A brief clip can be found via this German news segment.

More footage of John from Wednesday's 'Guitar Hero III' UK press conference in London is online at, and also via the ITN YouTube page.

The previously mentioned 'London Tonight' interview from the press conference is now also online via / ITN YouTube.

Brixton Was a Blast!


blanknovember 7th 2007


Sex Pistols Brixton Academy.

This is not a reunion. This is not nostalgia. There has been nothing like the Sex Pistols, before or since.

See you in The Rose and Crown…


Mr Rotten…

"Maybe it's because we're all Londoners, but there would be no Sex Pistol without dear old London town.

See you all at Brixton with proper feelings and proper people all around.

From London Bridge to the Rose and Crown, all of Britain is welcome so come on down."

John Lydon.
The Horses Mouth.
September 18th 2007.


newsJL.Com: Holidays in the Sun pageJohnLydon.Com is on vacation while we have our Holiday in the Sun. However, if we need to make any UPDATES we will do it via the special JL.Com "Holiday in the Sun" link below.

JL.Com: 'Holiday in the Sun' Updates


newsJohn will be interviewed on ITV, 'London Tonight' today, Wednesday, November 7th, at approx 6.20pm (GMT). Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days for more TV & press including Sky News Morning Show.

Update: 'London Tonight' is now available via ITN YouTube.

Sex Pistols: Holidays in the Sun 2007
LA, The Roxy, October 25th (special warm-up)
London, Brixton Academy:
November 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 14th
Manchester, M.E.N Arena: Saturday, November 17th
Glasgow, SECC: Sunday, November 18th

blanknovember 2nd 2007

Sex Pistols: The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Tuesday, October 30th © courtesy NBC
Sex Pistols: The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson, Wednesday, October 31st © courtesy CBS
newsWe've added this weeks US TV appearances to the Favourites section of our JL.Com "RottenTube" page (scroll down the page to "Favourites").

Anarchy in the UK: Tonight Show With Jay Leno

John & Steve interview: Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson

Pretty Vacant: Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson

"Fat is this years's slim!"

newsLA City Beat have published an interview with John from just before the 'Bodog Battle of The Bands Finale'. Read the full interview via LA City Beat.

blankoctober 30th 2007


newsSex Pistols US TV appearances tonight & tomorrow…

NBC, 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' Tuesday, October 30th, 12.34 ET. The full episode will be streamed via the NBC website from tomorrow.

CBS, 'The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson', Wednesday, October 31st, 12.35 ET. John & Steve will also be interviewed. See the CBS website for more info…


blankoctober 28th 2007


newsNever Mind The Bollocks... Here's The Sex PistolsToday is the 30th Anniversary of the release of the Pistols legendary album ‘Never Mind The Bollocks... Here's The Sex Pistols’. Tomorrow, Monday, October 29th, the album will be re-released as the fifth and final part of the 'NMTB' 30th Anniversary vinyl re-issue series.

The album is released in its original format: 11 track LP, one-sided ‘Submission’ 7” single & poster. “I got to solve your mystery…” Read full JL.Com review…

Give it a blast loud and proud. This is the Sex Pistols. It’s far more than trainspotter nostalgia.

Sex Pistols, LA, The Roxy, October 25th 2007 © AP / Chris Pizzello
Sex Pistols, LA, Roxy, Oct 25th 2007 © AP / Chris Pizzello
news Mr Rotten had a jolly good time at the Roxy Club on Thursday night; and is now looking forward to his Holiday in the Sun.

We've added a selection of pictures from the gig to the JL.Com Image Gallery. Keep an eye on the Indie 103.1 FM website for more pictures… You can also read a brief review at NME.Com.
Guitar Hero III Sex Pistols Trailer
Guitar Hero III
Sex Pistols Trailer
news'Guitar Hero III - Legends of Rock' video game – featuring the new re-recorded versions of 'Pretty Vacant' & 'Anarchy in UK' – is released today in the States; a European release will follow in November. See News: October 14th for more info

Initial orders for the game will offer a limited edition Guitar Hero III: Sex Pistols 'God Save The Queen' T-shirt.

The re-recorded tracks are now also available to download via iTunes. See News: October 16th for more info


blankoctober 24th 2007

Indie 103.1 FM: Sex Pistols Roxy competition

newsAs a special warm-up for the forthcoming "Holidays in the Sun" shows in the UK, the Sex Pistols play a ‘not so-secret secret gig’ at The Roxy in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, tomorrow Thursday, October 25th. Tickets are in hot demand, but were only given away FREE via competitions on Indie 103.1 FM. And no, we don't have any spare!

It's a long, long time since the Pistols played such a small venue – The Roxy only holds around 500 people – and Mr Rotten is really looking forward to playing an up close and personal show to his "locals"!


newsOrange County RegisterIn the lead up to The Roxy show John has a new feature interview with the Orange County Register, in Los Angeles.

Update: The page now includes a link to a photo gallery of the Roxy gig. The gallery features 18 shots taken by the OC Register's Kelly A Swift.


blankoctober 21st 2007


Holidays in the Sunnews'Holidays in the Sun' 7" vinyl single released tomorrow, Monday, October 22nd.

The fourth 7" single release of the 'NMTB' 30th Anniversary vinyl re-issue series is released tomorrow. 'Never Mind The Bollocks', in its original format, will follow next week…

As previously stated, all major UK record shops should be stocking the vinyl reissue's, as well as some independents. If the records are not in your local shop you can order them, or buy them online from UK based record websites such as HMV.

HMV UK - Holidays in the Sun: 7" vinyl single

newsIn this interview from Sci-Fi London filmmaker Kevin Smith talks at length about meeting John at a charity event at Kevin's home last year. See Rotten Talk: May 30th 2006 for additional info.
Thanks to Russell Milton

blankoctober 16th 2007


newsGuitar Hero - Itunes SinglesThe Sex Pistols new re-recordings of 'Pretty Vacant' & 'Anarchy in UK' are now available to download via iTunes. 'Never Mind The Bollocks' is also available to download officially for the first time in North America.

'Pretty Vacant' & 'Anarchy in UK' were re-recorded especially for use in the forthcoming 'Guitar Hero III - Legends of Rock' video game (see below for more info); and are now available for the first time ANYWHERE as individual downloads exclusively via the iTunes store worldwide. The tracks are also available in high quality DRM-free audio format.

After being approached for inclusion in 'Guitar Hero III' by the game's publishers Activision, it was discovered the original multi-track masters for 'Anarchy in the UK' & Pretty Vacant' had been misplaced. Activision then invited the band to re-record the tracks instead!

In June 2007 – virtually 30 years since they last recorded together – John Lydon, Steve Jones & Paul Cook; along with original producer Chris Thomas – entered The Boat studios in LA to record live studio versions of the tracks. To help maintain the classic sound of the original recordings they utilized an analogue sound-desk (circa 1969); first built for George Martin at Air Studios, London.

Speaking of the re-recordings in his recent JL.Com interview John commented: "It’s exactly like how we did it in the first place. With Chris Thomas on the controls; and me, Steve and Paul. That’s it the three. Because Glen wasn’t really a part of the band at that time when we recorded ‘Bollocks’… We had to learn how to do this as a threesome for a long, long time with Sid on stage! You know! We had to record the album in the first place that way. So it flowed really well… It sounds great. It really does. It sounds really great fun…"
Read the full interview here…

The Pistols legendary 1977 album 'Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols' also gets its first ever official North American download release today, also via iTunes.

newsUS TV appearances! The Sex Pistols will appear on NBC, 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' on Tuesday, October 30th; and CBS, 'The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson' on Wednesday, October 31st.

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