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blankfebruary 20th 2008


newsLatest confirmed Sex Pistols European Festival Date:
RED stage, Novarock Festival, Pannonia Field, Nickelsdorf, Austria: Friday, June 13th 2008. Contrary to reports elsewhere the Pistols are headliners. Obviously.


blankfebruary 12th 2008


newsLatest confirmed Sex Pistols European Festival Date:
Lokerse Festival, Lokeren, Belgium: Saturday, August 2nd 2008


blankfebruary 11th 2008


newsLatest confirmed Sex Pistols European Festival Date:
Paredes de Coura Festival, Portugal: Thursday, July 31st 2008


blankfebruary 4th 2008


newsFollowing on from the previously mentioned Isle of Wight & Loch Lomond shows we can now confirm the following Sex Pistols 2008 Festival Dates:

Fields of Rock Festival, Holland: Saturday, June 21st 2008
Peace & Love Festival, Sweden: Friday June 27th 2008
Exit Festival, Petrovaradin Fortress, Serbia: Sunday, July 13th 2008

blankjanuary 10th 2008


newsIn regard of reports of a Sex Pistols pantomime. Oh no he's not. The Sex Pistols are Music Hall, not pantomime.


blankjanuary 7th 2008


newsYouTube 'RottenTube'As previously promised, you can now watch the FULL (uncensored) Guitar Hero III press conference via JL.Com’s YouTube channel ‘RottenTube’.

The footage was filmed by and edited by JL.Com; and is a further link up with both sites; on the back of our recent 'Over the Garden Fence' article.

Thanks to Phil Singleton / GSTSP

newsJohn has a new interview in the December issue of Harp Magazine in the USA. You can also read the interview online via the Harp Magazine website.

newsWe've added a selection of recent press interviews with John from the likes of Q, Spin, News of the World & The Telegraph.

The image gallery's have also been overhauled and updated. To view gallery's you will now need (free) Flash Player software…


blankdecember 16th 2007


Live at Loch Lomond Festival, August 3rd 2008news Sex Pistols Take The High Road Again!
Live at Loch Lomond Festival, August 3rd 2008

Fresh from their hugely successful Holidays in the Sun grand finale at Glasgow SECC the Sex Pistols will be taking the high road to Scotland again in 2008.

JL.Com can confirm the Pistols will be headlining the 'Live at Loch Lomond' Festival, in Scotland, Sunday, August 3rd 2008. See the 'Live at Loch Lomond' website for ticket info etc. The Sex Pistols on the banks of Loch Lomond, proper British culture!


blankdecember 15th 2007


newsGuitar Hero Press conference  © Phil Singleton / has teamed up with Sex Pistols fansite 'God Save The Sex Pistols' (Sex-Pistols.Net) to bring you a FULL transcript – and behind-the-scenes article – from John's Guitar Hero III press conference at the Hoxton Square Bar in Shoreditch, London, 7th November 2007.

Follow this link to read the first ever joint JohnLydon.Com / Sex-Pistols.Net article!

Thanks to Phil Singleton / GSTSP

newsThe Isle Of Wight Festival has now officially sold-out. The Sex Pistols will be headlining on Saturday, June 14th 2008.

blankdecember 9th 2007


newsDetails Magazine, photograph © Lise Sarfati 2007John is interviewed in the January issue of US mens magazine Details. An extended version of the Q&A also appears on the Details website.


blankdecember 6th 2007


newsIsle Of Wight Festival websiteOn Virgin Radio this morning John confirmed the Sex Pistols will be headlining the Isle of Wight Festival on Saturday, June 14th 2008.

There's a difference between things being announced, and things being confirmed. i's have to be dotted, and t's need to be crossed. Now they are. Stay tuned…

Tickets go on sale tomorrow, December 10th, at 0900 (GMT). See the official Isle Of Wight Festival website for more information.

newsThis mornings Is-le of Widget / Dictator of the Week Virgin Radio interview is now available as a podcast via the Virgin Radio website.

blankdecember 5th 2007 (updated)


newsVirgin RadioJohn will be doing some rumour controlling on Virgin Radio Thursday morning, December 6th, at approx 0700 (GMT).

He will then be 'addressing his nation' with frequent appearances throughout the day, so keep an ear out. You can listen online via the Virgin Radio website.

UPDATE: Oops! Due to a breakdown in communications at JL.Com (something got lost in the translation!) John's Virgin Radio interview is actually Thursday morning, and NOT Wednesday as we originally stated. Oops! Apologies to the early birds.


blanknovember 30th 2007

news Looks like someone let the cat out the bag, but yes, the Sex Pistols will probably be headlining some major festivals next year. Sweden and Isle of Wight have already been announced. Which is news to Mr Rotten.

More talks are underway, and as soon as you can hear it from the horses mouth, you will.

Until then as John would say, you can peace off…


blanknovember 29th 2007

news Brixton Academy, Monday, November 12th 2007 (photo: David Wainwright) © Sex Pistols Residuals 2007What we did on our holidays (cont’d)… We've added a further selection of UNSEEN pro-shot pictures from sunny Brixton, Manchester & Glasgow.

Sex Pistols: Holidays in the Sun Image Gallery

Special thanks to Dave Wainwright & Duncan Bryceland. More soon…


blanknovember 20th 2007


Thanks for coming on holiday with us.

A jolly good time was had by all.

Mr Rotten belongs to Glasgow. And Manchester. And London.

Maybe see you next year…



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